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A quirky little Dating Sim about a pent-up recluse's encounter with a Lilim - a sex devil.


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An interesting demo, even though I wouldn't go to such stretch to compensate my social anxiety, heh.

I confess I was scared of this game and I'd certainly get the MC to be torn to pieces by the imp like a paper doll but it turned out he didn't so thank goodness, haha!

It's still to early to say something about the characters but not about the game: it's pretty much a "desperate situations need desperate measures" kind of plot and a subtle warning about the dangers of depression and low self-esteem, which can make one do things out of their mind, and I appreciate such good plot as this. Pity the images in-game don't load properly and all we get is placeholders used by the engine itself.

But even so, it's quite a call to self-improvement to people like the MC who's tormented by their own loneliness and the inability to seek help from others due to "n" reasons.

Excuse me if I got the idea of the game "wrong" (mostly because I am social anxious and introvert myself and recently played a Visual Novel called "alone.") but that's just my opinion and point of view on your work, so I hope you don't mind it.

Anyway, thanks for such a good game and have a nice week. Hoping to see more of this Visual Novel and the character development between Lilim and The Protagonist. :)

(PS.: I admit Lilim is kinda cute but I'd be too terrified to date such creature, haha! XD)

Thank you for your comment.  The game kinda started as weird, raunchy little dating sim, and a lot of the images just never got finished.  I didn't really realize until I pushed that little demo what the implications of such a choice would be.  I wanna take another crack at this game in the future.  Cheers!

You're welcome.

Oh, I see. But it's a good concept you got there, and it's always good to see non-human dating sims, heh. They're my favorite.

And that's part of the "fun" of character development: sometimes you get several different ideas, interpretations and points of view about the characters which eventually splits in several ways to explore them. I'd be interesting to see the main character taking other routes in their life and, who knows, eventually facing their self-esteem issues and getting through their issues and Lilim using all their seduction powers to make him do otherwise, or even offer some help to the MC (on their own "demonic" ways)  to overcome their fears. It's just a suggestion, though.

Anyway, hoping to see the results after you take a look at this game again. Have a nice week. :)